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Tumble: the new Minecraft mini game for consoles

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Break blocks beneath your foes’ feet and send them falling to their doom in this frantic competitive mini game. It’s smashing fun!

Available as a FREE update to Console Edition!


  1. I have that mini game. But sometimes when I join hackers and cheaters are killing me

  2. i like that minigame because i am pro at this well…….kinda

  3. Does anyone know how I access it on Xbox one I tried to do servers weren’t there and it wasent in the store

  4. i loved this game, im sad that they deleted it from the new versions

  5. The only reason why Console is better than Java. I do somewhat like the servers in the new version, but not always


  7. The music is incredible, my favorite minigame, more original that the Battle, the BEST.

  8. The beginning of the end of all editions besides bedrock

  9. This was the og fall guys. I’m so sad they discontinued these games cause they were so fun

  10. reminds me of the cubecraft game

    minerware (boss game) bow spleef

  11. "Break blocks beneath your foes’ feet and send them falling to their DOOM in this frantic competitive mini game. It's smashing fun!"


    Me: I like the music.

  13. Who else wants this back? (ik it's on the old version, I meant in the new Bedrock version)

  14. Who is watching this when servers in PS4 Bedrock are finally here

  15. ohhh the days when this first came out and when so pure….now it's 2021 and everyone on ps4 either switched over to new edition or plays tumble with a modded controller:/

  16. I think everyone would of preferred it if 4j made bedrock instead of microsoft

  17. All the late summer nights in 2016 me and my friend played all night

  18. How about you guys add a load of features from xbox 360 to xbox one s and x so we all can edit layers and play minigames and stuff

  19. I’d play with my friend and if it was just us I would jump in the lava so they would win 🙂

  20. Nostalgia 😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

  21. This was the first thing that I played in minecraft <3

  22. I remember playing this on the Xbox I don’t know how I did

  23. dang i miss old minecraft.. I SAY we have a remaster of old minecraft on PC xbox the ps3, ps4, and ps5 and switch. i hope you can make it!.. if not then at least re add the tumble, battle and glide minigames!

  24. This game is known as spleef in java edition servers

  25. I miss this so much Minecraft if you see this please bring this back it was amazing 😭

  26. Microsoft, please, bring back this minigames in bedrock, the servers are getting repetitive

  27. I miss Xbox one edition even though I love bedrock edition I wish this one could still keep getting updated 🥺:(

  28. Hey minecraft can u help me how i cant do account

  29. This is my favourite Console Mini-game out of all of them.

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