Wanna play some mini games? #gorillatag #gorillatagghost #oculus #gorillatagvr #gorillatagfun - minigamesltc.site

Wanna play some mini games? #gorillatag #gorillatagghost #oculus #gorillatagvr #gorillatagfun

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  1. YoU wAnNa PlAy MiNiGaMeS credits to @redmonkgt

  2. why dose that kid sound so precious 😭

  3. You want belive what just happend to me in gorilla tag bro ( but im telling you anyways)
    So i just joined a forest lobby and i saw a bunch people at the cazibo and one was teleporting with longarms so someone said that we in the lobby should report him but when we were about to do so i saw a person got kicked but i was thinking that they were just trolling so i also was about to report him but right when i was going to do so he pointed at me and then i got kicked from gorilla tag. His name was 666 btw( i was scared i got banned)

  4. He sounds so cute
    But then he said

  5. This is so underrated bruh, this NEEDS MORE LIKES

  6. You did it great job and you dropped this pin can I have it

  7. You deserves more followers and than me❤❤

  8. Most underrated thing I’ve seen all day.

  9. Dude that's an awesome drawing good job!!! ☺️☺️☺️

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