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WarioWare: Get It Together – WACKIEST MINI GAMES! (2-Player Demo Gameplay)

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Stumpt plays WarioWare Get it Together! Finally there is a new WarioWare game! And it’s Co-op! Let’s play some silly mini games!

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  1. damn i remember you playing shapes and beats

  2. I grew up with Warioware DIY (and another game, pretty sure it’s a Warioware but I don’t remember the title) on the DS. It was one of my favourite games growing up. The E3 announcement definitely brought me back. So glad to see that it is back in action!

  3. My high score in the everyone mode is 47. Not very high but my bro hasn’t beat it yet.

  4. I have an idea! How about you guys do the Variety Pack in this game, because this game have it, and also, you guys probably gonna try to do all of them, okay?

  5. @7:00 Ash may have chosen "pie", but Jaz was spamming the "spear" button with her attacks.

  6. Damn… I’m giving up soda for two months and only drinking water.. Price ASMR moment of opening the soda can makes me want a Diet Coke now… lol

  7. The GameCube game one of the best Easter presents I ever got sleep on it when I saw fell in love real quick

  8. I like the Synchronization of Ash and Rik “Who doesn’t” lol I loovvveee me some Dumplings!! 🥟 Ugh they are so good!

  9. 130 likes and no dislikes that's how you know this is gonna be great

  10. This is the best microgames in all many years since it was approved thesis of stats in a variety of bomb beats.

  11. I remember warioware on the 2011 wii. I really liked the story and gameplay of that one. Its really worth checking out if the switch version is this fun!

  12. I love stumpt but this is the only one I probably wouldn't like cuz I hate wario.

  13. If they make a new RHF, they won't be able to stop me from buying ASAP

  14. "That's not a broom, that is a mop!" so you do listen to the things I say under my breath when y'all play Out of Space. 😮 Sorry, I didn't know y'all could hear me!

  15. Yea!! When the full version comes out, can you please add more?

  16. What a wonderful demo. Nintendo said games are coming and they are wonderfully!
    Can't wait to watch y'all play too!!!

  17. DEAR STUMPT can you please play some d n d dark alliance from your biggest fan

  18. you guys should play "Hobo Tough Life" together, its a fun homeless survival RPG game and you can play it with 4 players, if you do decide to play it, i want to thank you

  19. oh gosh! this reminds me of "bishi bashi"

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