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We Bought a Budget Mini Gaming PC From Aliexpress…

Toasty Bros
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Today we are back with another Mini PC from Aliexpress. This one seemed to be an amazing deal but after using it for some time, we had some issues.

Bitfenix Prodigy M –

Aliexpress Mini PC –

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Windows10 ($13):
Office 2021 ($45):
Win10 home($11):
Office 2019 ($41)):

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  1. Couple of updates on this PC! I appreciate all the advice on how to fix it.One, the company has sent me multiple drivers that do not work, I assume it's because it's an unsigned driver and I will have to do some workarounds to get it to work.BUT before I could even do this…the SSD died. Not detected in the bios anymore. Safe to say I'm moving on from this PC.-Matt

  2. You are better off buying the Intel NUC Hades Canyon with the integrated Vega graphics. I don't think they are manufactured by Intel anymore but you can find them on Amazon.

    I have an Intel NUCs Hades Canyon that I bought a few years back and I am still gaming on it. It actually keeps up pretty decent with most AAA games. You may be able to find it for the same price as this Ali Express PC.

  3. why spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on aliexpress pc is beyond me

  4. Wow you donโ€™t know how to install a driver without an .exe :-/

  5. I have the HADES-CANYON I7-8750G, which this seems a copy of, its my daily driver for media and light gaming, mostly (Fishing Planet), which it runs perfectly. I got it new in a deal, (barebones) for ยฃ450 UK and was advised to download the Intel driver and support assistant, which immediately found drivers that were not installed automatically on win 10 install. these included 2 graphics drivers, an AMD plus an Intel driver, and the assistant basically tells me if there are any updates, which there have been a few.
    The HADES CANYON really impresses me, so much so that i dumped the laptop i was using as my daily driver in favour of the NUC, with which i power a portable full HD Acer hd monitor, using one of the 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, (you didn't mention if your unit had T3?), i only added 32gb 2666 ram and a 1tb nvme which took the cost to around ยฃ650.
    I suggest you try download the Intel assistant it should run, (if its a genuine intel chip powering it lol), give it a try, mine runs flawlessly with it. Cheers!

  6. Finally managed to install updated drivers, here's how:
    First of all, my machine came with windows 11 already installed and the processor 8709g.
    Latest driver installation won't work, so I first installed an older version of the driver, numbered 27.20. Notice that this driver, as the previous one, are targeting windows 10 and not windows 11.

  7. Yaโ€™ll have a different budget than I do. 500 bucks!!! Lol

  8. So basically your guys "online used pc store" is to scam people that wont check how much the stuff you're selling actually goes for. A used iPad 7th gen with a case for 245???? They're 200-210 all day with the original box. You just lost a subscriber for that one.

  9. I have a mini PC from Beelink and had the same mouse issue, problem only happened if I had it plugged into the USB 3.0 ports and only if I was playing a game. Since the SSD died we will never know

  10. I been having weird mouse issues in WoW this year, cause i dont remember this in the past.

    When i press both MB1 and MB2, my other mouse buttons wont take any effect at all, the other buttons work when i press either separatet MB1 or MB2 and now my other mouse buttons work.

    I dont even play any other games anymore pretty much.

    MB1 moves camera, MB2 moves character.

  11. Guys that use big knives to open small boxes are making up for something ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. Maybe see if it runs Linux like SteamOS or Ubuntu and try to game on it like that? Just an idea so you're not stuck with a paperweight. Love your guy's stuff and hope to see more videos of hardware like this or videos that aren't strictly the traditional PC video fare. Maybe review the latest Raspberry Pi and see how that or other hardware like that works.

  13. Next time, take out the original NVMe drive and reinstall on another drive to test. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Budget gaming laptop is better

  15. I have a ryzen 3 3200g with vega 8 and for how much i payed for it is def worth it

  16. hey guys great content ill consider subscribing.
    i want to buy a pc for gaming with minimum 180fps on valorant but i feel like building a pc will cost a lot
    so should i get a pre built or stick to makin my own

  17. Don't touch if not broken it worked haven't learned anything

  18. You guys are so lucky to have everything you have. I've really been wanting a gaming laptop or gaming desktop for years now, but I just can't afford one. You don't know how bad I want one!!

  19. they used a modified window that how they were able to download drivers that doesn't need to be signed by windows and that also explains the mouse glitched because the modified window has some unstable software

  20. Could you by any chance do a follow-up video and get another one ?

  21. Hardskip, all looked good u til the mouse clicking problem. You want something running smoothly if you throw 5-600 bucks at it.

  22. You should try upgrading to dual channel memory to see if it will improve performance.

  23. I had problems with drivers on KUU Laptop. Win 10. After reistalling it, i was unable to instal drivers.
    Well, i reinstall my Win10 and i UPDATE it. I think some of Netframe, Vcredid, C++ Redis. , or something was the support of Installer Wizard…after updating my Windows, i successfully install drivers.

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