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We Turned This Tiny Low-Cost HP Office PC Into A Mini Gaming Machine!

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We Turned the Cheap Low-cost Mini HP Office PC into a Gaming PC by adding an external M.2 Graphics card using a GTX1650 Super and the ADT-Link M.2 Key M NVMe External Graphics Card Stand Bracket!
This Tiny PC costs anywhere from $99 to $150 depending on the configuration.
by itself, it does a great job at emulation but I wanted a bit more out of it and the built-in Intel HD530 graphics just art gonna cut it.
Powered by an i5 6500T and backed by 16GB of ram this tiny pc actually does much better than I thought with the GTX 1650 added in.

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ADT Link M.2 External Graphics Adapter:

Dell DA2 Power Supply:

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01:53-adding the M.2 Graphics Card
04:12-Booting It Up
04:45-Specs Overview
05:40-Forza Horizon 5 Test
06:17-Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Test
06:45-Project Cars 2 Test
07:17-GTA5 Test
07:58-Doom Eternal Test
08:31-Cyberpunk 2077 Test
08:55-Final Thoughts

Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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  1. Hi man! Did you install the driver before plugging the adapter and the Nvidia or you simply put all in and let windows do the job? thank you!

  2. also works on HP Prodesk 600 g1 DM ultra slim?

  3. Hey brotha why not get a low profile Nvidia 1650 or and Radeon 550 low profile that will fit in an m.2 slot?

  4. Would the same process be also applied to a G5 version?

  5. im so excited to do this, i just got a 9th gen i5 elite desk with, 8gb ddr4, and no storage for $75! ordering everything this friday, probably gonna go with a 1650 like you did.

  6. Awesome build bro 👍🏻

  7. I just bought a refurbished elite desk similar than the one in the video, the difference is that it comes with in i7-6700T and 1Tb SSD drive… hmmmmmmmm

  8. Bought this bad boy for $110 from an office pullout. Works really well

  9. When it comes to forza horizon 5, your best bet is to bring reflections down to absolutely lowest. My 1650 didn't like reflections on horizon 5

  10. How about using this set up for viewing videos and movies?

  11. I'm selling those
    I have a 3d printer and make a case
    It's so tiny and bought a 1650 lp

    The minipc is so cheap and I'm selling those as editing PC and make a triple price with it.

  12. Would love to see you apply this mod to that 705 G4 you were able to up the TDP on.

  13. PC standards innovations have been stagnant for years. I wondey why no one has thought about designing an external PCIe port on Mini PCs like this that would run at full 16x. That would open a lot of upgrade paths for external Video cards in a box much like the one using lightning tech these days, and external storage box with built in SATA or Raid Cards and external power supplies/bricks for said external upgrade boxes . USB C seems promising with a 10 gigabit transfer rate, but that's not enough for high-end video cards.

  14. Another idea is external male PCIx expansion slot on the mini pc, which would dock into a PCIx slot on a external Video card enclosure case that has an external PCIx slot "dock" which you can dock the mini PC on(think modular design). This external PCIx slot is wired to an PCIx riser cable into the external Video card enclosure case. This Video card external enclosure should have custom designed and standardized power supply for this enclosure, so that you don't need to connect a standard atx power supply, and there would be no external clutter.

  15. can you use it as dual stream machine?

  16. Hello, Mr. Prime. Lovely video. Please clarify whether or not you got the "-TU" version of the ADT Link (R43SG or R43SG-TU). Your link takes us to R43SG but according to the product detail and mfr/seller comments, "-TU" has the key on the bracket side of the m.2 insert (right side if looking at motherboard connector), which is what you seem to have in the video.

  17. Hi prime, i have GTX 1650 OC. so i don't have to connect any power supply to the GPU extender right?

  18. I just ordered a refurbished HP EliteDesk 800 G1 DM Mini i7-4785T, planning to connect my GTX 1060 3GB to it, wondering if it may work with similar setup…? Current PC, the one that I want to get rid off, is very old from 2010 with AMD phenom2 quad core, but has that GTX 1060 3GB GPU installed which I'd like to re-use with the mini-pc. Actually, I guess with that mini PC with i7 I could get more out of the GPU than with my current CPU?

  19. @ETA_PRIME – can the dell power adaptor you used in this video be used to power a video card without using the whole m2 to pcie ribbon adaptor?

    Some context: I managed to pick up an hp elitedesk 800 g3 sff with an i7-7700, 16gb of ram, 180watt psu, and I replaced the smaller nvme ssd that came in it with a crucial 500gb one. I also put an evga gt 1030 (the one with gddr5 memory) low profile card in it (it actually fits, the sff has a pcie slot next to the cpu that accommodates it.) I chose this gpu because it only draws 20-30 watts and (was worried about the 180watt psu not being able to provide much more than that) and it doesn't need any additional psu cables.

    However, there is some stuttering/lag with higher end stuff and all evidence seems to point to the gpu as the limiting factor. So I'm wondering if there is a path to getting a stronger gpu working with this?

    It seems like I can physically fit a much stronger card in the case (I don't want a ton of stuff outside it) but powering it is the big challenge. So… I'm wondering if the dell adaptor you showed here could accomplish this? Any thoughts/advice/ experience with this?

  20. Do you still have the first video up can't seem to find it?

  21. So I have a Asus aspire E 15 e5-521-23kh. I have 4gb ram so my question is I am going to increase the ram with 2×8 gb ram sticks but my question is how an wat eGPU an wat dock can I get that's affordable under $200 usd

  22. Can i use Dell 3060 + rtx2060 + dell da 2 ? Can you make more like this video?

  23. take a look at the hp t730 thin client they have pcie x16 slot inside but wired as an 8x

  24. thank you ETA for sharing this experiment

  25. If you go from this 130$ mini pc to $260 you can get something like a miniforums ryzen 5 instead. Pretty cool

  26. Anyone know if this or similar setup can be used to run winamp/wacup with milkdrop music visualizer at 4k and at least 60 FPS? I want to build a machine specifically for that use on my 4k TV. I imagine it is a lot less CPU intensive than gaming…

  27. amazing channel subscribed because of this video how resourceful way to use a small budget pc for gaming what i was looking for

  28. Can It be any GTX1650 Super? Some of them appears as GDDR6. Is there any Amazon link for that?

  29. I know this was 11 months ago but OVERCLOCK THAT CPU!!

  30. whats the most intense game this little guy can run as is? i was thinking of adding the tail tales and gta4 on it

  31. You have the same computer but with 6500 not 6500T, I have it it's make a big difference 😉

  32. I just spent $ 275.47 USD for this exact set up after watching the video yesterday, now I'm waiting on the items to arrive, I hopefully this works 😅 or I'll die of trauma

  33. Would Linux MInt CINNAMON 20.3 (Una) 64bit edition plus Steam or that Retro pack you love.

  34. Can I do the same with my hp elitebook 840 g5 ?

  35. Low power consumption 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩👍👍👍

  36. I need help everybody I can’t find the gtx 😢

  37. I actually think gta5 ran pretty good on your build I would call that a success

  38. There are 3 options for the adaptor which did you get?

  39. Please somebody help I can’t find the gtx graphics card help 😢

  40. can someone help me ? my pc recognizes the external gpu via the m.2 slot. but I don't get any image via the external gpu only the internal gpu (Vega graphics) outputs the image. I use the HP Elitedesk Mini 705 g4 pc with the GeForce GTX 1650 Super

  41. you should take a look at Acer Veriton N N4640G with an i5-6500T, it already has and 1x PCIe x16 slot so you dont need that adaptor, get a low profile old video card that doesnt need power and you are golden… i do batocera emulation on it, or even windows 10 + coinbase or retroarch

  42. Would you consider picking up the G1 version of this exact pc? you can get them for stupid cheap as low as $42 in good shape with the power adapter on ebay. I'd like to see what they're capable of in the gen before this one. Cheers!

  43. Link to review and emulation overview? Not seeing it in the description.

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