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What happened to mini-games in Gorilla Tag?

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Today, me and my friends make a sad excuse for me to play mini games, but at the end of it all, we determine “what is the best mini game.”

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  1. Do you the intro of this video just took me on a emotional journey 😢😢😢

  2. Start: minigames aren't as fun anymore😕

  3. The moment he fell became- har hat harhar har harharharhar har harhar harharhar har har

  4. Mario cart is a game that’s played in the mines…..

  5. Shout out the best monke vr I have 0 subs posting February 6

  6. Hey if you ever get popular can you remember me?

  7. Bro needs more respect he is so underrated😓 Also enjoy one more subscriber🤪

  8. I like the smo (super Mario odyssey) cascade kingdom music

  9. When I clicked on this video I thought you would have like 3k or somthin subs! I'm shocked… also new sub!

  10. Love the super Mario Odyssey flashback when it first came out I played it with my dad good times still now love your vids keep up the good work and love the music

  11. I played gorilla tag I’ve seen everything best mini game in my opinion crates

  12. Everyone who noticed Mario oddeysy music

  13. I don’t know why people don’t like mini games they are actually really fun

  14. imagine trying to gain subscribers off of a VR game💀

  15. Yo I'm sorry I didn't know you made this video I made kind of the same video

  16. Till today people hate mini games people hate mini games

  17. Man’s probably being held at gunpoint from a mini games kid

  18. I miss the old minigames. What happened to gorilla tag?! Now every 5 year old is just screaming something racist and everyone being toxic definitely new players. Now whenever a kid says “you wanna play minigames” everybody starts being rude, gorilla tag back then was so much better who agrees?

  19. this is why i alwAys say yes to mini games when a kid asks

  20. Bro at the start the Minecraft music hit me 😢

  21. Orange fell of at 12 minutes 34 seconds and didn’t get out

  22. This video is both fun and informative. Monkey's wear hats. That's a fact.

  23. My favorite gorilla tag minigame is ghost in the graveyard

  24. i miss the christmas update with the snow globe i made my own minigame where whoever is the last person hiding and not found by the taggers win

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