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What if Kirby was in Super Mario Party Minigames? (The BEST Team Minigames!)

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land full game is coming out soon on Nintendo Switch, so let’s play SUPER MARIO PARTY MINIGAMES as Kirby with Mario!! Best Team Super Mario Party Minigames with Kirby and Mario and Luigi and Yoshi, with Dark Bowser and Wario Teammates!! Can you win in Super Mario Party minigames with Kirby? (BEST TEAM MINIGAMES) Super Mario Party Minigames (All Minigames/ best team minigames) Super Mario Party MINIGAMES AMAZING Mario Party MINIGAMES Partners/ team mode with Mario and Yoshi vs Yoshi and Luigi vs Dark Bowser (custom mod by HunterXuman) and Princesses teammates! FUNNY ZXMany Super Mario Party!!

Team Mario and Luigi with many Mario Party allies (all characters) vs final Dark Bowser and Boo, get Luigi ally and many Mario Party characters, all characters in Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars and more characters in Super Mario Party, with Peach, Luigi, Dry Bones, Wario, Bowser, Waluigi, Yoshi, and more!!

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  1. Kaori Ch. ツイステッドワンダーランド Lunacute Games says:


  2. Me realizing there wasnt a kirby in the game:

  3. You: and Mario is smashed

  4. Can you please pin me next video please and shoutout me.

  5. Scott you got a 10 and 1 instead of 10 and 3

  6. Kirby is visiting the mushroom kingdom(?) again. Nice.

  7. 2:07 so I was sure until now, but that's just Monty Mole with a kirby texture, I wasn't sure at first but this moment gave it away, because Monty does that hand technique of him slapping has belly sometimes

  8. Play as Kirby in your next video in super mario Party

  9. I got an ad about a new kirby game in the middle of the video
    Edit: ZXMany liked this comment!

  10. who did kirby replace never mind i read some comments

  11. Fun fact if you flip your controller the Controls are normal

  12. How can I download this mod????

  13. Who does Kirby replace????

  14. As someone who mods Kirby into games, this is a really great mod looks super clean.

  15. When Wario is chasing Kirby he looks like getting revenge because at the first mini game you attacked Wario and win the mini game.

  16. Kirby’s animations are super well made (maybe 99%,really good animations and made well)

  17. This reminds me of when my friend and I would image Pikachu joining the mini games.

  18. Zxmany@ who is the actual character before its become kirby

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