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What is the BEST mini game in Zelda BotW?

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What is the best mini game in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild?
Today, I’ll talk about Boom Bam Golf, Eventide Island game, Selmie’s shield surfing game.

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  1. I knew none of these. The one I played was the snow bowling north of hebra tower

  2. If you have the master cycle you can actually cheese the whole game

  3. Snowbowling.
    If you get it right in a specific spot, and line it up in an angle.
    You can get up to 300 – 600 rupees per minute depending on how fast you are at doing it.

  4. The best Minigame is snow bowling hands down
    You can make up to 300 rupees per strike

  5. Just go be a sweet in red room paint ball if bored

  6. I actually thought that he was gonna say something horrible like the flower lady of something

  7. That ending wasn't unhinged and it freaked me out 💀

  8. Shield surfing is the most fun, but the bowling one is goated for farming rupees. If you know the right angle you will win 300 rupees back to back every single time

  9. Where exactly is the shield surfing i haven't done any minigame exept that one

  10. I would've said snowling bcos it's the fastest way of making money

  11. Yall are forgetting about the horse jump minigame, that one frustrated me so much, yet it was so satisfying

  12. I've been trying the Horse Archery for 2 Weeks now and I needed to defeat a TON of Lynels for this(because of the Bows yk)😭😭

  13. kirby balls at your local target store says:

    forgot treasure game in lurlin

  14. You can use the horse one for moonjump
    Get on the wild horses when the time hits around 13 seconds

  15. Bro what. I missed like 80% of those mini games (and I have like 500 hours in it) this makes me sad 🙁

  16. You forgot about snow ball bowling! I didnt know golfing was a thing lol

  17. For sss, you could just windbomb to get the best score

  18. bro I thaught like, how is he gonna put red boko in this video😂

  19. I thought he was going to say” RED BOKO 👹”

  20. One of my favorite ones that you mention is the sand seal, race is my favorite personally

  21. I love the shield surfing course. The joy I had when I first flew through it was undeniable

  22. I owe my life to Zelda, dude.
    My parents only hung out with each other because of Zelda, at first.

    Also I fucking love Zelda.

  23. The guy needed so many deer killed because deers are actually extremely destructive and will non stop eat everything. This was the case in Yellowstone years ago after killing off all the wolves humans couldn't keep up with the deer population that they ate and destroyed things causing many deer to starve.

  24. The horse shooting mini game took me hours, even on new play througs

  25. Hmmm why isn’t your clothing team red boko

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