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Wii Party – All Mini-Games

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Wii Party – All Mini-Games

These are all the Mini-Games from Wii Party.

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The blue Mii is Maurits.
The red Mii is Rik.
The green Mii is Myrte.
The yellow Mii is Sylvan.
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  1. All those young childhood moments… Dancing… Fake shootings… And more from this video

  2. And I still play all my wii games to this day

  3. 1:44 chop chops was the one game I was bitching at, I could always beat someone when we played it

  4. Zombie Tag used to be my all time fav minigame, i always played that😂😂

  5. Always thought that it was a competitor to Mario Party, but i’d really doubt that now.

  6. Free-For-All
    1. Derby Dash
    2. Shifty Gifts
    3. Chop Chops
    4. Jumbo Jump
    5. Popgun Posse
    6. Hurdle Hover
    7. Puzzle Pick-Up
    8. Lunar Landers
    9. Zombie Tag
    10. Flag Fracas
    11. Smile Snap
    12. Dicey Descent
    13. Ram Jam
    14. Feathered Frenzy
    15. Goal Getters
    16. Saucer Snap
    17. Quicker Chipper
    18. Follow Your Face
    19. Maze Daze
    20. Chopper Hoppers
    21. Space Brawl
    22. Stop Watchers
    23. Friendly Face-Off
    24. Barrel Daredevil
    25. Ball Brawl
    26. Tropical Punch
    27. Strategy Steps
    28. Pearl Plunder
    29. Hammer Heads
    30. Space Race
    31. Lofty Leap
    32. Face Flip
    33. Spotlight Fight
    34. Shutterpup
    35. Cry Babies
    36. Lucky Launch
    37. Back Attack
    38. Chin-Up Champ
    39. Walk-Off
    40. Balloon Buggies
    41. Risky Railway
    42. Splash Bash
    43. Lumber Whacks
    44. Flying Fruit
    45. Poserobics
    46. Hide & Peek
    47. Commuter Count
    48. Timber Topple
    49. Delivery Duel
    50. Shepherd Scramble
    51. Channel Changers
    52. Spring Time
    53. Pop-Up Bandits
    54. Poppin’ Pilots
    55. Roll To The Goal
    56. Fruit Focus
    57. Bumper Crops
    58. Robot Factory
    59. Paddle Pals
    60. Torchlit Terror
    61. Basket Bonanza
    62. Tippy Traverse
    63. Meet & Greet
    64. Fishin’ Buddies
    65. Pop Coaster
    66. Flycycle Team
    67. Sheep Crossing
    68. Pump Cart Panic
    69. Blastronauts
    70. Rodent Rundown
    71. Can Poppers
    72. Spring Ringers
    73. Bobsleigh Highway
    74. Skipping Squad
    75. Teamwork Temple
    76. Colour Coordination
    77. Hidden Charms
    78. Banana Blockade

  7. Me: im gonna watch this whole video looks at how long it is
    Me:well i just told a lie

  8. Luck always picks Rik (the red wii) when it comes to duels!

  9. Yes you know I seen this 50000 times and here I am agian

  10. If you read this than you are above 12 years but je stil want to play this

  11. Mytre goes only for Rik

    Me: this is communism (Yes I know that's not what communism is.

  12. I kinda wish this game and Wii party u got ported to switch and got online

  13. This game was and still is so Great ❤️🙏

  14. This particular video I used to watch this exact video everyday but after 3 years of not watching this video it feels good to be back

  15. We all need Mii party deluxe for switch who is with me

  16. The Official Henry100Man YouTube Channel says:

    At 34:31: Acey McHand: Now He’s A Idiot Who Doesn’t Know How To Dance

  17. 52:47 I remember when me and cousin laughed when the balls collided.

  18. It’s been 7 years and I remember it like it was yesterday 😭😭😭

  19. This was my fav… until it broke.

  20. Sylvan did really good I miss him btw where is he at now

  21. When Mario Party fans were in desperate need, they got a different kind of party…
    A Wii Party.

  22. Is Maurits the leader of your group?
    Did he play Mario in your 1 video?

  23. Tis Lets me remember of wen I was a lil kid ant played on the wii EVRY day🥺

  24. AᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄSᴛᴜᴅᴇɴᴛIᴅᴇᴀs says:

    POV: Your here because you a master at chop chops!

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