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Wii Party Series – All Funny Minigames | JinnaGaming

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Wii Party Series – All Funny Minigames | JinnaGaming

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  1. Player 1 (Blue): Petunia
    Player 2 (Red): Flaky
    Player 3 (Green): Flippy/Fliqpy
    Player 4 (Yellow): Cuddles

  2. yo veia estas cosas de pequeña siempre me mataban del aburrimiento XDD

  3. opens a door, but it's a person on the toilet. "Whoops!"

  4. 懐かしいですよ!!もう、これ、私Wii無いですよ今は、swimwearですよ!!

  5. Well I see this video at night and my iPad is 4%

  6. 4:44 This minigame is really easy to me, but not my friends

  7. zombie tag is a horror minigame from wii party U

  8. FixWhy oh you doing Siri oh you’re the one doing the one you’re a little window with a window link you to a 101 Jordan Jones you know

  9. ㄟㄣㄢㄛㄟㄢㄟㄞㄛㄐㄍˋㄊㄉㄉˇㄉˇㄉㄐㄍㄋㄔㄐㄍㄘ

  10. Hi so I was wondering the first video moon base escape, is that on Wii U party?

  11. I have 1st wii party for wii and it still working ^w^

  12. S o. V e R y. T I e. G a m e . . . 🙁

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