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Wii Party U: All 4-Player Minigames! (ft. Luigi Mii)

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Wii Party U (ft. Luigi) All 4-Player Minigames High Rollers on Nintendo Wii U Gameplay full game/ full movie playthrough all characters in minigames 4-player minigames gameplay ZXMany minigames in Wii U: Highway Rollers Wii Party U! Like Mario Party Superstars Minigames/ Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch minigames and gameplay, Wii Party U is a Nintendo Wii U game with minigames for 4 players and fun family Nintendo gameplay minigames intense moments good luck and bad luck unlucky moments, full movie playthrough!


Super Mario Party ALL MINIGAMES!! (Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach) –

Super Mario 64 ALL BOSSES!! (NO DAMAGE) –

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  1. that mario gold game u forgot was mario gold super rush

  2. Very interesting content, hope you have more success

  3. I have a feeling that some mario party mini games were inspired by wii party and vice versa.

  4. The animal race you shouldn’t pick a giraffe because it had so much of that yellow stuff how do you like the longest

  5. “I’m going for all of you “
    Dies first 💀
    At (46:40)

  6. 0:12: Balloon Boppers.

    0:48: Jumping Target.

    1:41: Face Flippers.

    3:03: No Goals Barred.

    3:43: Close Knit.

    4:40: Super Snow Sliders.

    5:17: Star Pupil.

    6:15: Heart Targets.

    7:20: Sitting Pretty.

    8:39: Twisted Flight.

    9:53: Pool Party.

    11:01: Cage Chomp.

    12:45: Mii Vaulters.

    14:38: Domino Tally.

    15:44: Shutterbird.

    16:36: Snap Judgment.

    17:30: Pose Pros.

    18:50: Symmetrical Suits.

    19:44: Recipe Recall.

    21:29: Space Zappers.

    22:42: Freeze!

    23:30: Token Drop.

    24:38: Safari Hustle.

    25:52: Balance Broncos.

    26:41: Maze Malaise.

    27:59: Snow Shredders.

    29:10: River Rollin'.

    30:26: Speed of Sight.

    31:59: Power Prisms.

    33:18: Alley Hoops.

    34:22: Big-Bang Blasters.

    36:34: Lap Happy.

    37:50: Fruit or Scare.

    38:58: One-Two Punch.

    39:57: Balanced Diet.

    42:16: Moonbase Escape.

    43:06: Ramped Up.

    44:18: Flock Shot.

    44:55: Ice Spinners.

    45:47: Pogo Battle.

    47:03: Hide-and-Go-Beak.

    48:09: Countdown Crisis.

    50:04: Assemble Bots.

    51:13: Run to the Sun.

    53:35: Mad Hatters.

    55:16: Apple Scramble.

    56:14: Water Walkers.

    57:09: R/C Drifters.

    58:05: Match Mii.

    58:56: Cliff Riders.

    59:46: Safe Landings.

  7. Everything is motion controls in the Wii

  8. Luigi Mii? Cool! It would be much cooler if you made other Mario characters in Mii versions. Then you could play as Mario Mii 😀

  9. You know, something I've been wondering is, what if everyone gets the same score? (Counting as everyone winning or losing)

  10. You have to set their CPU difficulity to Hard, Very hard or Master, because i see they have no points except you.
    I think you set it to Easy or Normal…

  11. You either should play mii fashion plaza or game pad Island both are soooooooooo cool

  12. On the face flippers minigame you didn't get first place because on the number 4 the lady get first place because she was on the face on the number 5

  13. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. Best game ever on the Wii U (in my opinion)

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