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Wii Party U Minigames Play as Hatsune Miku (Master CPU)

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Wii Party U Minigames Play as Hatsune Miku (Master CPU)

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  1. Did somebody noiticed the voice of the person saying : finnish. Is just straaaaaaaaaaaaaaitgh diffrent with the normal voice so uh , weird.

  2. That hatsune miku has a girl of animes, but Wii party u has maked her she in the animes, and no to games.

  3. Why does hatsune miku doesn't have a blue hair

  4. It's always the green girl almost every time getting 3rd of 4th

  5. you played one of my favorite wii u games as a mii of my favorite vocaloid?!I LOVE IIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  6. Tell me why I thought miku look like Sophie or Sophia because of the ponytails tell me if you disagree

  7. Can you play as TWICE Minatozaki Sana please.

  8. Impressive video is great experience! =)

  9. You are a top 5 youtube in my opinion. Great Job Jinna 👏 👍.

  10. And then come over here and come back home 🏠


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