Xbox One Minecraft Battle | Mini Games -

Xbox One Minecraft Battle | Mini Games

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Ellen gets thrown into the arena that is Battle Mini Game for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. Only one can stand tall when it’s all said and done. Will Ellen brick it? Or will she be the last Steve standing?

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  1. Soo errr… Microsoft/Sony… You know how you lot keep talking about cross network play but not actually getting the business end stuff sorted?…. Well this would probably be the time to get that sorted for this mode of Minecraft at least (then maybe survival and creative worlds down the line).

  2. Let's be honest guys the cross platform idea will never happen

  3. I would like to see more players in game!

  4. please do an xbox on stream of this game/feature when it comes out.

  5. is this random matchmaking or is it invite onlu

  6. I hope they make some great achievement for the extra motivation :))

  7. Screw hunger games give me sky wars or hide an seek with Aphmau or better still feed the beast and crazy craft.

  8. can you use your own maps? i build hungergames maps all the time

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